The Shift Episode 35: CA Gubernatorial Candidate Peter Valentino

In this episode host Doug McKenty speaks about all things alternative with musician, actor and candidate for the Governor of California, Peter Valentino. Not only do they discuss the pressing issues of the campaign which include concern about Agenda 21, chemtrails and mandatory vaccination, but also the larger picture behind world events that place each issue inside a paradigm that you will not get from mainstream politicians. As the candidate for those of use with eyes wide open, Peter acknowledges the role secret societies play in controlling world events. His perspective posits an epic conflict between world religions that will culminate in a battle for Jerusalem and end in one world government if we do not act now to end the conquest of the many by the few. As governor, Peter plans to bring power to the people by ending corporate hegemony and seeking a middle ground that transcends the left/right paradigm. Find out more about his campaign at


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