The Shift 36: Chemtrails and the Space Fence Lockdown with Elana Freeland

Check out this interview as host Doug McKenty goes deep into the chemtrail conspiracy with activist Elana Freeland, author of Under an Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown. Though many of us have come to question the nature of the strange linear cloud formations that have become commonplace in skies around the world, most will be surprised as the information in this episode reveals the sinister function of of the particulates that are being sprayed. Through her research, Elana has discovered a highly classified program utilizing chemtrails as a medium through which electromagnetic waves can be pulsed and then used to manipulate everything from large scale weather events to the electromagnetic systems that effect all living organisms on earth. The conversation goes on to include nanotechnology and the larger transhumanist agenda that threatens to imprison all humanity inside an electromagnetic space fence. This black operation gives new meaning to the term Full Spectrum Dominance! Find out more about Elana’s work at



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