The Shift Episode 37: Election Fraud and Ballot Imaging with John Robert Brakey

On this episode of The Shift, host Doug McKenty discusses the biggest threat to American democracy with John Robert Brakey, co-founder and director of AuditUSA. After observing vote counting anomalies in his home state of Arizona, John has spent over a decade of his life dedicated to researching and exposing what appears to be widespread election rigging throughout the United States. Interestingly, John has found no evidence suggesting Russian interference. Instead, the locus of the problem seems to come from deep within the election system itself. For years, AuditUSA fought with election machine manufacturers, whose proprietary software, responsible for counting the votes was kept hidden from public view. This made it impossible to verify their accuracy. Modern voting machines, however, are equipped with ballot imaging technology that can take digital pictures which can be posted online, allowing any citizen to download and verify. Interestingly, many local and state election officials have refused to make use of this advancement, preferring instead to work in the shadows. In this interview, John explains a simple and inexpensive legal technique that can be used to require governments to make these ballot documents public. This simple act of election activism would transform our captured democracy and put power back into the hands of the people! Find out more about John’s work, and learn just how to effect this change in your community, at


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