The Shift Episode 38: Traditional Lakota Teachings with Chief Arvol Lookinghorse

Please enjoy this interview as host Doug McKenty has the honor and privilege of speaking with Chief Arvol Lookinghorse of the Sioux nation, comprised of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota tribes indigenous to what is now called North America. Chief Lookinghorse is the 19th generation carrier of the “sacred bundle” given to the Sioux people by White Buffalo Calf Woman along with the knowledge of the seven sacred ceremonies which together compose the backbone of their traditional culture. Listen as Chief Lookinghorse describes the Black Snake prophecy, the importance of the rebirth of the white buffalo calf, and his personal mission to mend the “Sacred Hoop,” a philosophy which holds all people, and all nations, as equals. In order to achieve this goal, Chief Lookinghorse leads a ceremony each year on the Summer Solstice entitled “World Peace and Prayer Day” in which he invites all nations and faiths to unite under one prayer. This interview provides insight into a traditional perspective that offers an alternative to the often self-destructive Western paradigm, and invites each of us to become more sensitive to the sacredness of our connection to the Mother Earth. Find out more about Cheif Lookinghorse and World Peace a Prayer Day at


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