The Shift Episode 76: Chaos Magic with Gordon White

In this episode host, Doug McKentty discusses Chaos magic with author, blogger, and host of the Rune Soup podcast Gordon White. While many of those colonized into the patriarchal system prevalent in the modern-day have difficulty believing in the existence of a multi-dimensional world populated with spirit beings that actively impact this 3D reality, every indigenous culture throughout the history of the world includes a belief in such forces existing behind the Veil. Gordon White has dedicated his life to understanding and participating in systems of magic designed to interact with “the other side” in order to provide divination and to martial the forces found therein to produce positive life changes including abundance, career opportunities as well as relationship advice. Though he is partial to the European-based lineage of Chaos magic, his podcast explores mystical and magical traditions from around the world. Stay tuned for this conversation which delves into the heart of what it means to be colonized, and describes the fundamental differences in epistemology between magical and mystical thinking as compared to the empiricism that dominates the mainstream scientific cosmogenesis. Find out more about Gordon White at



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