The Psychology of Lockdown Series #8: Identity, Trance, and Confusion

In this installment of the Psychology of Lockdown Series, Doug and George discuss the seventh characteristic of the state of Mystification as described by psychoanalyst John Bradshaw through the lens of Family Systems Therapy. In this episode, they discuss the notions of self-identity, trance, and confusion and dive deep into how these states of mind often make it difficult for many to apply critical thinking to political discussions. So many in our culture identify with the “left” or the “right” of the political spectrum and simply cannot break free from established narratives that conform to this pre-determined perspective. As a result, political conversations based on logic and rational capacity are discarded in favor of ideological bias. They also discuss Episode 69 of The Shift where Doug discusses the “Bullyocracy” with author Donald Jeffries. Find out how ubiquitous bullying and enforced social hierarchies contribute to the emotional abuse that causes Mystification. Discover more about George Roche and The Line Canada at



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