The Shift Episode 70: Dreamspell and Ascension with Sacha Stone

In this episode, host Doug McKenty goes deep with movement influencer and activist Sacha Stone. Sacha has been working for decades to spread truth and awaken humanity through a variety of projects designed to provide a platform for all those seeking a sustainable living and natural justice independent of the corporate/government systems of control. His unique ability to access those in positions of power at the United Nations and other world leaders interested in making the shift away from the colonizing forces of empire and into autonomous and individual sovereignty affords him the ability to organize the freedom movement from a global perspective. Stay tuned for this conversation showcasing Sacha’s powerful worldview which explains the spiritual foundations of both the cult-like power of those who weave the Dreamspell, as well as the consciousness of the coming Ascension. Check out the Humanitad Foundation, the International Commission for Natural Justice, or go to for updates about the forthcoming Lazurus Initiative for more information.



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